Kristi Hartman
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Utah State University in 2005, I worked in a day program for adults with disabilities as a residential staff member, job coach, and HR coordinator. My love for learning and teaching communication continued to bloom after I became a virtual ESL teacher for children in China for five years. I returned to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences from the University of Colorado in 2021, followed by a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Northern Colorado in 2023. I completed an internship at MCR’s Outpatient Clinic and the UCHealth Cancer Center where I gained experience evaluating and treating adults for dysphagia, acquired apraxia of speech, voice disorders, aphasia, and cognitive impairments. I also completed an internship at a local elementary school where I gained experience evaluating and treating children with articulation, language, fluency, and social communication needs.

I am passionate about confidence in communication for clients of various ages, believe in a holistic approach to intervention, and love helping people reach their full potential. I am thrilled to be part of the rewarding career of speech-language pathology.

In my free time, I enjoy yoga, painting landscapes, interior decorating, and spending time with my husband, three kids, and Labradoodle.